Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Passion Discovered

I know. I am late in posting to the blog this week. To say it's been a crazy week is an understatement. I am working on a few posts, including a concept for an on-going series and, hopefully, getting some tools in place to enable me to record my own thoughts about current tech news, and maybe even some reviews. In addition to all of that, I will confess that I have discovered Magic: The Gathering.

Actually, the game is not a new thing to me. I've known about it for years, but have never played it until just a few weeks ago. I am thoroughly hooked, to say the very least. It's scratching an itch that, until quite recently, I didn't really know existed. So, I will undoubtedly begin an ongoing article series covering my love of one of the greatest geek games in existence today.

Stay tuned!