Friday, October 26, 2012

Same Old Story

I hate that I can't keep a blog going long enough for it to grow and catch on with a core group of people. I say that not to be down on myself so much as to simply state the truth as it exists. It is the truth. I actually love to write and share with people. A big part of the lackluster blogging on my part is due to the lack of interaction from other people. A chicken-and-the-egg scenario, if you will. As another year winds slowly to a close, however, I find myself looking longingly at this blog and instantly thinking of the possibilities. Not to mention that I have a longing in my soul to keep it going. This blog still has the potential to be unique and fit a niche, I believe. I simply need to put forth the effort and "finish the course."

In all honesty, a lot has happened this year. I left my job as the graphic designer & web developer for a small, international ministry to take on a job as an Application Support Specialist (read: ASP.NET, C#, and SQL programmer) in the Student Enrollment Services Project Management Group at the University of Texas at Arlington. It was a major move, and it was not a decision that was made lightly, but it is the fulfillment of a long-standing dream in my life so, in the end, the decision was a no-brainer. And now I look to the future.

As my life comes into what I believe is a rich and full "summer season", I find I am thirsty for other outlets. It is time for me to really focus on something that is so radically different from what I've always pursued as a hobby in the past. I believe that the only way I can "succeed" as a blogger is to be real and simply combine my core passions into one large, cohesive whole and share my story with the world without any thought of receiving anything in return, aside from meaningful and intelligent conversations with anyone who discovers me here. I need to give serendipity a chance to find me. That means, ultimately, that I must set forth with no rules and keep this as a free-form experiment for now. I need room to grow and make mistakes so that I can learn and grow, but I do hope that you will stick around and hang on for the ride!