Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Self-Imposed Challenge

There are many factors that drive what I carry with me to work and around town everyday. The single most important factor, for me, is portability. Until a day ago, I always carried my ultra-portable ASUS Eee PC 1000H netbook with me in an Eagle Creek shoulder bag, along with my iPhone, a recycled Moleskin notepad, a Sharpie pen, a book and a magazine, and the few necessary computing accessories to make it through a full day of work and urban life.

Unfortunately, the AC adapter for my netbook quit working the other night, so I have no way to charge the battery. Normally I would just purchase a new adapter, but surprisingly, there are none to be had for my ASUS Eee PC, that I have been able to find. This brings up an interesting situation for me. Do I purchase a new netbook, as they are extremely handy, especially when I start school in a few weeks; or do I forge a new path and really solely on my iPhone as my "mobile" computer?

After considering my needs and the situation, I've decided that I will do a two-month trial of only carrying my iPhone and it's accessories only, along with my school supplies, books, etc. But, my only portable/mobile computer will be my iPhone. Which, in turn, brings up another small choice to be made: do I finally give in and jailbreak my iPhone, or do I rely on it as is, in it's original factory condition? For now, I'm going to close this post with that option open, as I haven't decided what I will do, yet. Once I do decide, I'll update with a new post detailing my "gameplan".